Magic Vaginas vs. Gifts From God ~ An Epic Battle

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In case you weren’t already enlightened, Rape jokes = not funny. Rapepublican jokes = fucking hilarious! Because if you’ve ever been there (and 1 in 5 US women have), sometimes you need a little laughter to remind you why you’re lucky to be alive. I have a very ironic sense of humor and find that laughter has helped me overcome very difficult times in my life such as 3 rapes, 2 lung surgeries, and 1 cancer. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? Which pretty much makes me a baddass mofo. So here’s my latest reason to laugh ~

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, it seems there’s a seriously epic battle of good versus evil going on in our lady parts. So as I told one of my best hooper friends today, some candidate for senate in Indiana named Mourdock (rhymes with SourCock) said that when women get pregnant from rape “it’s something god intended to happen”. She has a pretty ironic sense of humor too so she reminded me that “some people are just fucking stupid. And god intended for that to happen too”. I try console myself with that thought and the notion that perhaps come election day we’ll see evidence of reason, or perhaps some more divine evidence thou shalt not take the lord’s name in political vain.

Thankfully my Magic Vagina was strong enough to “shut that whole thing down” and overcome the powerful “gift from god” that is a pregnancy resulting from rape. I guess that makes my rapes legit. Thank god! Or perhaps Jesus just didn’t love me enough. Maybe next time…

So to further my spiritual growth, today I have finally come to understand the intent of those “Jesus, Is he in you?” billboards along I-55 in Mississippi ~ Jesus loves me this I know, for my rape baby tells me so? If that’s how Jesus shows he loves me, I’ll take a goddess any day!

Thankfully my belief that rational, compassionate, progressive thought still exists in America, and this article by a Baptist minister, restored my faith in humanity today.

Honestly, I’d actually like to thank Akin and Mourdock and their right-wing nutjob friends for moving me to break my 22 years of silence to finally talk about my experience. Because the culture of rape in America is about so much more than abortion rights, and it’s about time people started waking up to the fact that rape is not just a women’s issue, it affects us all, most certainly more than you even realize. Because most women suffer in silence their whole lives. Because usually when they tell their stories people call them sluts and don’t believe them anyways, or tell them they shouldn’t have worn that or shouldn’t have been there or shouldn’t have drank that. Basically what it comes down to is if you hadn’t been born a woman in a culture that perpetuates rape, you wouldn’t have been raped. Shame on you for being born that way. What a gift from god!

Being like the Buddha at Goa Gajah, BaliIn case you’re wondering where all this leaves me spiritually, my beliefs are unchanging and ever-changing.  I’m a Presbyterian, Hindu, Buddhist, Witch. A seeker of truth and beauty, dirt-worshiping, whirling dervish, hoop goddess, Saganist who celebrates the universe, practices love and kindness, and believes although we may not speak the same language, we are all one. We each interpret the beauty and mystery of life through our own cultural lens, but in the end it’s all the same god/dess.

In the immortal words of Moby, we are all made of stars.

In other news, this playlist makes me happy today~

And this one too~

So tonight I think this is what I’ll be hooping to while I conjure thoughts of spinning spirals with my soul sisters in Bali and our magical experience learning about Tantric Hooping from the inspiring Shakti Sunfire at Sacred Circularities. And I will use my divine female energy to dance the universe alive and celebrate the cycle of birth, life, and destruction…

P.S. I’d also like to thank my teacher, friend, colleague, mentor, hoop goddess, and fellow writer Adriene for inspiring to make this blog and sharing in this creative journey with me today as she introduces her very first blog post. Hoopy Birthday A! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day!

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