I’m HoopStatic to Be Here!

Welcome to HoopStatic! I’m Chloe and HoopStatic is first and foremost a blog about one of my favorite things ~ hooping.

But it’s also about life, the universe, and everything, and saving the world one hula hoop at a time, starting with myself and my community in Memphis, Tennessee. We call this Hoop Love ~ O <3 ~

HoopStatic is also the static electricity generated while spinning an LED hoop, which causes the hair on your arms to stand up. It makes kind of a funny, tingly feeling, a bit like summoning a force field around you. And sometimes being able to summon a force field really comes in handy.

And finally, HoopStatic is being ecstatic about the journey that is life. Whether you are spinning in circles, standing still, or spiraling up or down ~ you are wherever you are. So be there or be square. And who wants to hoop with a square?!

Stay tuned for more stops on this hoopstatic journey. Next up, how I discovered I’m a ninja and how you can be a ninja too…

O <3 ~ chloe

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