Hoop Prayer for our Mother

Delwin Hoop Dance - photo from Hooping.org
Delwin Hoop Dance – photo from Hooping.org

This weekend May 18, 2013 please join in solidarity and prayer with the Sovereign Nations in support of our Mother Earth. Perhaps a hoop dance prayer would be in order.

“If the Keystone XL pipeline is allowed to be built, TransCanada, a Canadian corporation, would be occupying sacred treaty lands as reserved in the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties. It will be stopped by unified resistance.”

“I am asking ‘All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer’ to help us during this time of this gathering by praying with us on this day wherever you are upon Mother Earth. We need to stop the desecration that is hurting Mother Earth and the communities. These recent spills of oil are affecting the blood of Mother Earth; Mni wic’oni (water of life).”

~ Chief Lookinghorse, The 19th Generation Keeper of The Sacred White Buffalo Bundle

Huffington Post: Sovereign Nations Walk Out of Meeting With U.S. State Department Unanimously Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline

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