My son’s elementary school had a Reindeer Games holiday themed fundraiser this weekend to raise money for the 5th grade class trip to Washington D.C. In addition to donating a set of hoops for the silent auction, I was asked to come do a hoop performance, so I asked my son if he’d like that, and his reply was “I get to go to an event for the 5th graders? And my mom is performing? Awesome!” so that pretty much nailed it.

I didn’t have much time to put together a routine so my friend and fellow hooper Charity agreed to do an improv “hoop-off” performance with me. I’ve been wanting to do something to Funkytown by Lipps Inc. so it turned out to be a great song for a hoop-off. We had a blast, and the kids loved it. Maybe next time we should plan and practice the two person weave move at the end beforehand, but hey that’s the fun of improvs. You never know what will happen!

It never hurts to earn some extra brownie points at your kid’s school.


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