Dear Ladies, and Gentlemen

Check out one of my favorite hoop goddesses Jaguar Mary, organizer of Sacred Circularities hoop retreat, in this powerful video by Apollo Poetry for the One Billion Rising movement. The film is entitled “Dear Ladies” but I think it’s really more of a message for men to reflect on their responsibility in ending violence against women.

Jaguar Mary at Sacred CircularitiesJaguar Mary is an inspiration to me and I’m so very fortunate to have made a connection with this amazing woman earlier this year in Bali. Looking forward to sharing many more moments in this beautiful circle of life with her…

On a side note, after I wrote this post about One Billion Rising, I ended up volunteering myself to plan something for the Memphis event. With hoops, of course. Stay tuned for more details and contact me if you’re interested in participating.

Another great American poet 2Pac wrote a song once for the ladies “Keep Ya Head Up“. It’s also happens to be really great to hoop to. Win!

I am one in a billion.

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